i am a photographer + writer living in brooklyn, ny.

find out more about my work at my photo site and the new moon project.

(all photos are mine unless otherwise noted)

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i’m in jerusalem with my family for passover. i used to live here, first in 2000 for university and then again in 2005. it is so good to return to this sacred city and be reminded of how much it feels like home. an unexpected gift of feeling rooted in the midst of many life transitions. 

my camera feels too heavy on these long strolls through jerusalem but i always have my trusty phone on me which has a pretty decent camera. above are some phone shots uploaded to my instagram feed… follow me to hang out and share this journey. xx

under construction.

under construction.

the last few moments of the luria academy gala at pioneer works.

zach plays the oud, composes music + produces the epichorus and the maqam project. he is the rabbi of a dynamic west village synagogue and a gifted mobile-maker (think calder). 

z is a pretty awesome being + also happens to be the man who holds my heart. 

above are a few photos from an impromptu shoot this morning. he needed a press photo for an upcoming concert in the berkshires, i was so happy to oblige before our respective days began.

come what might, she would be wild, untrammeled, free. - james joyce

adventure awaits.

adventure awaits.