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on this tuesday afternoon i am grateful for..

1. new yorkers, who endlessly inspire and reinvigorate my photographic ‘eye’

2. little jerusalem - a rough few months but i learnt a lot

3. dusk

4. ‘public art’

5. trees in our new hood

6. unpacked boxes and settled spaces

7. prospect park, a longtime oasis / refuge from city chaos

8. building a home with this special being

9. those beautiful last bits of summer 

10. this moment

more gratitude posts, all taken with my phone camera, can be found here.

Elul (Virgo)


tonight marks the new moon of elul, the sixth month of the jewish calendar year. according to kabbalah the attention associated with this month is action as directed toward self-understanding, spiritual devotion, and returning to the virgin which dwells within and holds the unadulterated wisdom of our core being. elul is also the introductory month leading into the jewish new year, a bridge between summer and fall, and an auspicious time for reflection, setting intention, and engaging with one’s soul root.

the month of elul is a call to let go of who we think we should be, under the influence of past patterns, inner critics, or outside expectation, and invest in the unique truth of our pure (virginal) state. so we may step forward from this place and plant our seeds to be reaped in the year to come.

many blessings on this new moon of elul. may you know the beauty and wisdom of your core being.

for further inquiry: an article which describes the sense, body part, and astrological sign associated with elul + a clip from rabbi pinson.

and check out the new moon project tomorrow morning as we begin to share reflections on ‘virgin territory’… beautiful women, powerful words.

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three stones / edge of the world

three stones / edge of the world



birthday adventure / minnewaska state park

her roommate. 

her roommate.